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First short post for ISSTA by Lina QiuMon 16 Jul 2018

My name is Lina Qiu, and I am a Master student from the University of British Columbia. I did my bachelor’s study at China, focusing on information security. During my Master’s study, I mainly worked on two research projects, focusing on mobile security and usable security. The first project is about comparing static taint analysis tools, regarding the tools’ accuracy for detecting information leakages. The second project aims to understand smartphone users authentication behaviours, for example, how many times they unlock their device per day, how long they interact with each session, etc.

I am also one of the authors of the paper “Analyzing the Analyzers: FlowDroid/IccTA, AmanDroid, DroidSafe”. My first goal for attending ISSTA conference is to present our paper, and share our experience on comparing static taint analysis tools for Android with other researchers. In addition, I would also love to gain the following experience by attending this conference:

  1. First, I would like to get to know more people/researchers who are doing similar research as me, and learn the research trend in the community.
  2. Second, I would love to talk with senior graduate students to learn about their academic experience, to figure out how to prepare for a PhD study in the future.
  3. Third, I would like to experience how to be a student volunteer, and how to be a good one.
  4. Last but not least, I would like to make more friends and explore Amsterdam.