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A Blog by Yanlin WangTue 17 Jul 2018

My name is Yanlin Wang, I am in my final (4th) year of my PhD study in the University of Hong Kong. It’s a great thing to be a student volunteer in ECOOP and have a chance to know other reseachers and their work. For my research, I mainly focuses on Object-Oriented programming and modulairty. More specificaly, I have worked on language workbenches (project “RapidPL”, which makes use of the combination of two techniques: Turffle and Object Algebras design pattern). Also I work on the expression problem and simple solutions to the problem which do not need advanced language features. Last year I started to work on the project FHJ (short for Featherweight Hierarchical Java), which is a core calculus based on Featherweight Java that formalizes c++ hierarchical method dispatching algorithm and proposes new language features.

This year in this conference I will present the paper on FHJ in ECOOP. The paper might be scary to read with all the rules and proofs, so I hope I can use this talk to convey the key ideas in an intuitive/easy way so that even people not from language design/type systems community can also get the idea.

As a student volunteer, I hope to communicate more with the researchers from all over the world. Although it’s my first time as a volunteer, I still hope I can be a help in helping other researchers to communicate and promote their work. I believe that knowledge become more valuable when more people know it, use it and contribute to it.

Finally I hope this year’s ISSTA and ECOOP all the well, and all of us enjoy all the talks and events :)