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Blogpost by Benoît DuhouxTue 17 Jul 2018

Hi everyone, I’m Benoît Duhoux, PhD student at Université catholique de Louvain (UCL, Belgium). I started to learn computer science during my bachelor in business computing. I continued my studies with a preparatory year for the master in computer science at UCL. Then I finished this master degree, specialised in Software Engineering and Programming Systems. During my master thesis, I worked on reconciling Context-Oriented Programming and User Interface Adaptation.

I’m currently a PhD student in my second year at this same university. I’m continuing the research that I began during my master thesis. In this research, we have the objective to add User Interface Adaptation to Context-Oriented Programming. In addition to extend this programming paradigm, we also have the intention to create a serie of tools to help programmers when developing context-oriented applications.

During this conference, I will have the opportunity to present my current work at the COP (Context-Oriented Programming) workshop with the paper Feature Visualiser: an Inspection Tool for Programmers in Context-Oriented Programming. I will also have the pleasure to present this work for a larger audience during the poster session of the ECOOP conference. Feel free to come to discuss about my work during this session.

Thanks to the student volunteer program, I could attend this year’s ECOOP edition. With the different events co-located with this conference, I hope to discover other innovative research tracks. I’m also very happy to meet the other student volunteers/researchers to share some great moments.