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After ISSTA/ECOOP 2018Tue 31 Jul 2018

Being this my first research conference ever, I had no comparison point and have only good things to say, so I hope this motivates new and different students to attend.

The experience was amazing, being a student volunteer I got to meet so many people and learn how the conference works from “back stage”. I chose different shifts and had a blast in each one of them, you just gotta have the right attitude and always have fun. It was great seeing how collaboration can drive small things to accomplish greater things. Talking with the SV co-chairs taught me stuff about their experience and how things happen in conferences.

I attended many talks and was impressed by some of the speakers, some of work that’s happening around the world and their talks. Having 3 colocated conferences gave me the option to learn about different topics outside my interests and check out things I had never heard about.

From the point of view of an author, I was a really nervous about my presentation. In fact, I talked to fast that my 8 minutes turned into less than six. Thankfully, everyone understood me and my talk was clear. Got to meet Saba, the chair of tool demos for ISSTA, and interact with her, we talked about different things, life as a PhD student, helping in the conference, and many things.

In the poster session I was more relax and got the chance to further present my work and interact with more people. I was approached by students, professors and industry researchers who were interested in the topic of my paper and even offered my opportunities. I was really excited and happy with the outcome of my work.

Last, but not least, Amsterdam, amazing city! It’s such a beautiful landscape everywhere. Took many great photos and had fun walking around at different times. Great places to dine and drink.

I am more motivated to continue researching and working on interesting topics now than before, and want to attend more conferences to talk about my research, meet new people, reconnect with acquaintance and friends and have fun learning about new research and new places around the world.