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Having visited ISSTA - Blog post by Manuel BenzWed 1 Aug 2018

One week after the ISSTA/ECOOP conference I look back at it as a very cool, valuable but also exhausting event. I am quite happy to be back home again in my own, well-tempered and comfortable bed :). Nonetheless, the conference was a really great experience. I met people from all around the world which work with the Soot framework we maintain, but also on completely unrelated things. I found it especially interesting to see what all the researchers on programming languages are working on.

There were lots of interesting talks related (and unrelated) to my own research interests. I was especially impressed by all the work from Yannis Smaragdakis’ group. They had four very interesting papers in the field of static analysis, but also about the combination of static and dynamic analysis from which two were published on ECOOP and two on ISSTA.

I also enjoyed the summer school talks a lot. They were on a basic level and rather introductory which allowed me to also attend some of the interesting non-summer-school talks during summer school talks which focused on topics I feel familiar with already.

Being a student volunteer was also a great experience. It was a great opportunity to get to know all the other student volunteers but also felt like being a part of the event and having an impact on how well the conference runs.

As Soot maintainers, we also had a project in the Panathon - static analysis hackathon on Thursday. We weren’t many people in our group but were still able to implement big parts of the Jimple (Soot’s Java IR) interpreter we planned to do.

All in all, the conference was a great experience and really a lot of fun!