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ECOOP/ISSTA Blog by Haiyang SunWed 1 Aug 2018

My name is Haiyang Sun and I’m a Ph.D. candidate at Università Svizzera Italiana (University of Lugano), Switzerland. My main research interests include program languages and dynamic program analysis. My recent research is about dynamic analysis for JavaScript. I have developed “NodeProf”, a new instrumentation framework based on Graal.js. It provides compatibility to existing analysis written in Jalangi while NodeProf is faster, more robust and supports more recent ECMAScript standard.

It is a great experience attending ECOOP/ISSTA in Amsterdam this year. I’ve learned a lot from the keynotes and talks. I met many experts in my field and got many useful information for my research. Besides the main conference, I also attended many great talks in the collocated conferences or workshops, such as “On”, “BenchWork” and “SOAP”, which are closely related to my research direction.

Since NodeProf is included in this year’s Panathon (program analysis hackathon), I was there to support the attendees to try NodeProf to develop some dynamic analysis for JavaScript. It was a great event, the attendees showed quite some interests in the frameworks, and gave many useful feedbacks to us (tool developers).