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After conference blog post by Nikita ZyuzinWed 1 Aug 2018

I spent an amazing week in Amsterdam on ECOOP/ISSTA/CurryOn. One of the most notable events for me was the summer school where I got introduced to a number of brilliant established researchers, as well as fantastic students starting their way in science.

The summer school lectures covered a broad range of topics, many of which were new, relevant, and highly interesting to me. Particularly, I much enjoyed learning about the work of Amal Ahmed on compiler verification. Her presentation was very well prepared and strongly resonated with what I already knew, deepening my insights in the area.

Not only that, but talking to other students helped me to meet a lot of likely minded people, that share similar interests and inspirations. I keep contact with some of the people I met and hope to collaborate with them in future. The summer school also gave me ideas for possible start of my PhD, providing opportunities for joint work with other people.

Additionally, I found pleasure in attending the sessions of CurryOn and ECOOP, that helped me learn about various active research directions in the area. Particularly, the keynotes of CurryOn showed me very promising ideas in development. Linear Haskell matched my recently acquired interest in Linear Logic and WebAssembly reminded me of the formalisation work that some of my colleagues are doing.

Overall, I found attending the conference and summer school in Amsterdam extremely useful and helpful for my future career. I am very grateful for the organisers providing me a travel stipend and hope to attend similar events in future.