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ISSTA 2020
Sat 18 - Wed 22 July 2020

ISSTA’20 ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award

  • Seokhyun Lee, Sooyoung Cha, Dain Lee and Hakjoo Oh. Effective White-box Testing of Deep Neural Networks with Adaptive Neuron-Selection Strategy

  • Mohannad Alhanahnah, Clay Stevens and Hamid Bagheri. Scalable Analysis of Interaction Threats in IoT Systems

  • Rahul Gopinath, Alexander Kampmann, Nikolas Havrikov, Ezekiel Soremekun and Andreas Zeller. Abstracting Failure-Inducing Inputs

  • Minxue Pan, An Huang, Guoxin Wang, Tian Zhang and Xuandong Li. Reinforcement Learning Based Curiosity-driven Testing of Android Applications

ISSTA’20 Distinguished Artifact Award

  • Oliviero Riganelli, Simone Paolo Mottadelli, Claudio Rota, Daniela Micucci, Leonardo Mariani. Data Loss Detector: Automatically Revealing Data Loss Bugs in Android Apps

  • Xuan Deng, Cindy Rubio-González. Discovering Discrepancies in Numerical Libraries, by Jackson Vanover

  • Carl Hildebrandt, Sebastian Elbaum, Nicola Bezzo, Matthew Dwyer. Feasible and Stressful Trajectory Generation for Mobile Robots

ISSTA’20 Impact Paper Award

  • Gordon Fraser and Andreas Zeller. Mutation-driven generation of unit tests and oracles

ISSTA’20 Retrospective Impact Paper Award

  • Gregg Rothermel and Mary Jean Harrold. Selecting tests and identifying test coverage requirements for modified software