Call for Paper

The ACM SRC at MOBILESoft 2020 consists of three parts:

  1. Research abstract submission
  2. Poster presentation
  3. Research presentation.

First place undergraduate and graduate (Masters or PhD program) student winners from the SRCs held during the year advance to the ACM SRC Grand Finals.

Formatting and Submission Instructions

To participate in the competition, interested students should submit a two-page abstract (including all text, references and figures) using the ACM conference format template ( All submissions must conform to the ACM Conference Proceedings Formatting Guidelines. LaTeX users must use the provided document class acmart.cls and ACM-Reference-Format.bst without modification, enable the conference format in the preamble of the document (i.e., \documentclass[sigconf,review]{acmart}), and use the ACM reference format for the bibliography (i.e., \bibliographystyle{ACM-Reference-Format}). The review option adds line numbers, thereby allowing referees to refer to specific lines in their comments. All submissions must be in PDF. The page limit is strict, and it will not be possible to purchase additional pages at any point in the process (including after the paper is accepted). Papers that do not conform to these guidelines will be desk rejected before the review process.

Submissions must be original research that is neither in submission nor already published. Submissions must be individual student research projects. The Student Research Competition is meant to be an opportunity for students to develop their skills as researchers and to give them an opportunity to showcase their work. One of the goals of the program is to focus on the student, their capabilities as a researcher, and their potential. Supervisors of the work should not be listed as co-authors; a student must submit a single-authored version for the competition. Submissions are reviewed by a panel of experts, and are evaluated based on the quality of the work, novelty of approach, significance of contribution, and clarity of written presentation. Submission site:

Selection Process and Prizes

If you are selected (based on your abstract submission) to participate in the competition, you will be invited to the first round. The first round of the competition will take place at the conference and will evaluate the research during a brief oral presentation. During the second round of the competition, participants will be evaluated based on presentation of their research posters during the SRC poster session. The judges will evaluate the research talks and poster presentations and select the top three winners in each category (undergraduate and graduate).

The top three winners receive prizes of US $500, US $300, and US $200, respectively. All winners also receive an award medal and a one-year complimentary ACM membership with a subscription to ACM’s Digital Library. Winners will be recognized during the conference. After the conference, the winners from each category will advance to the ACM SRC Grand Finals, where all SIG conference contest winners are evaluated.

Students can enter the ICSE and MOBILESoft SRCs, but cannot be funded for both SRCs.

Competition Requirements

Participants must be undergraduate or graduate students pursuing an academic degree at the time of initial submission. Research completed while the student was an undergraduate may be submitted to the undergraduate category even if the student is now a first-year graduate student. Participants must be current members of the ACM and provide their ACM member number.

Questions? Use the MOBILESoft Student Research Competition contact form.