Call for Papers

Mobile devices and platforms dominate the modern computing landscape, creating immense demand for quality applications. Hence, software engineers, architects and designers that create these apps are able to reach unprecedented numbers of users. However, the mobile software development and design processes come with a unique set of challenges and constraints. The goal of this track is to solicit demonstrations of tools and mobile apps, from both academic and industrial origins, designed to improve the lives of mobile developers across the world. Submissions should showcase novel, practical contributions that aid mobile software architects, designers, researchers, or engineers in their respective workflows. Authors of each accepted submission will give a short presentation of their solution, followed by a detailed demo session. Both tool demos and mobile application submissions can fall into one of the two following categories:

  • Tools and apps in practice, either from commercial vendors or open-source projects. These demonstrations should focus on practical applications within the different activities of software design and development and should particularly show how they advance the current state of the practice. New ideas are particularly welcome.
  • Tools and apps in research from academic or industrial research environments. These demonstrations are intended to highlight underlying scientific contributions and show how scientific approaches have been transferred into a working tool.