For RE 2024, we will collaborate with the Reykjavik University spin-off Skema (Icelandic webpage: Skema teaches coding to kids through a unique in-house methodology and is focused on adapting education to technological advances. Skema was established in 2011 and has already taught over 2,000 children and 200 teachers. It is currently growing fast in technological consulting for schools, from the primary to the university level. In early spring 2014, Skema launched its coding courses and methodology on the US market under a new company and brand, reKode Education.

At RE 2024, attendees will have the option to enroll their children (between 7 and 16 years) into several courses offered by Skema. There will be the option to enroll for half-day courses. To cover a full-day program, two half-day courses can be booked. For booking, visit the following page: Please note:

  • A registration counts for the entire week, either morning, afternoon, or both.
  • It says that “Students are encouraged to bring snacks since there is one snack break per session”. We are trying to arrange that kids can eat with their parents at the coffee breaks/lunch break, but this is not confirmed, yet.