The Doctoral Symposium at the 32nd IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE’24) aims to bring together doctoral candidates, recent graduates, and experienced mentors working in the fields of requirements engineering. This track allows Ph.D. students to present their research work in progress to a panel of internationally renowned RE experts and receive constructive feedback. Students will get valuable networking opportunities and constructive feedback that can bolster their careers in academia or industry. The track will provide a highly interactive and collegial format.

The Doctoral Symposium primarily welcomes any Ph.D. student who has already settled on a dissertation topic in the Requirements Engineering area. We call for submission and participation from students typically in the first half of their research toward their Ph.D. dissertation.

Goal for Submission and Participation

The forum aims to offer participants personalized, helpful feedback on their current research while encouraging the exploration of new ideas.

Additionally, the event provides an opportunity for student participants to connect with experienced researchers and professionals in the field as well as with fellow students from around the world. This interaction allows for sharing knowledge and insights, as well as developing lasting professional connections with the entire community.

Submission and Participation Requirements

Each student’s Doctoral Symposium submission comprises two essential components:

A letter of recommendation from the student’s dissertation advisor should be sent directly to the Doctoral Symposium Chairs via email (Dr Klaas-Jan Stol and Prof Andreas Vogelsang). This letter must provide an assessment of the current state of the student’s research and an anticipated date for dissertation completion. A concise paper detailing the student’s dissertation research. This paper must be solely authored by the student; supervisors are not allowed as co-authors. The maximum paper length is 4 pages (with an additional page permitted for references only) and must address the following aspects, though not necessarily in this order:

The research problem to be resolved, its significance, and the justification that prior research has not yet resolved the issue. The research goal or hypothesis. A discussion of relevant related work and motivation for the work. The anticipated contributions of the research. The proposed method to achieve the research goal or test the hypothesis. A summary of the results obtained thus far. A timeline planned (or followed)

For early-stage Ph.D. submissions, the paper should be limited to two pages (with an additional page allowed for references only) and must include all items from (1) to (5) listed above, excluding items (6) and (7).

Papers must be submitted electronically in PDF format via the RE’24 EasyChair system following the formatting instructions described below. Select the Doctoral Symposium Track for submission.

Students accepted to the Doctoral Symposium must register at regular student rates and attend the Doctoral Symposium in person. Students are expected to attend the Doctoral Symposium for the whole day.

Evaluation Criteria

The submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

The quality and potential of the research and its relevance to Requirements Engineering, The quality of the Doctoral Symposium paper, and The stage of the research and its suitability for the Doctoral Symposium.

The Doctoral Symposium papers of the selected participants will be published in the conference proceedings.