The 32nd IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE’24) will host a journal-first track, allowing authors of selected journal-first papers to present and discuss their research with the RE community.

Call for Journal First Submissions

The Journal-First Track at RE’24 welcomes submissions from top peer reviewed journal papers that address the topics related to requirements engineering topics.

A submission to the RE’24 journal-first track must adhere to the following criteria:

The accepted journal paper was accepted or published no earlier than October 1, 2022 The paper is in the scope of the conference. The paper reports new research results or presents novel contributions that significantly extend previous work but has not yet been reported in prior work. . The paper does not extend prior work solely with additional proofs or algorithms (or other such details presented for completeness), empirical results, or minor enhancements or variants of the results presented in the prior work. The paper has not been presented at, and is not under consideration for, journal-first programs of other conferences.


Authors of papers that meet the above criteria are invited to submit a (maximum) of one page proposal consisting of the paper’s title, author names, extended abstract, a pointer to the original journal paper at the journal’s Web site, and a brief description of what the authors would like to present or why they believe the paper would make for a compelling presentation. If the journal paper is related to, or builds on a previously published work (e.g., tool demo or poster), the proposal must clearly and explicitly justify why the paper should be considered a journal first paper and provide pointers to the previously published work.

Selection Criteria

Submissions that do not satisfy the above-listed criteria will be-desk-rejected. As the papers have already been reviewed and accepted by the journals, they will not be reviewed again for technical content. If we receive more submissions than we can accommodate in the RE’24 conference program, we will select submissions based on the following criteria:

Increasing opportunities for authors to attend RE’24, who might not otherwise attend. Best fit between the paper and the technical program of RE’24, offering a balance across the conference topics.

If there is further need to select from papers with the same priority, then they will be randomly selected. However, we will do our best to avoid this situation.


Authors of accepted submissions will be invited to present their paper in a session at the conference. At least one author must register for and attend the conference to present the paper.


Email Travis Breaux and Alicia M. Grubb, the RE’24 Journal First track chairs, at