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This artifact comprises the data gathered throughout our study. Our artifact falls under the category of Non-executable artifacts. In addition to our research data, the folder also contains a copy of the accepted paper and the open data license for non-executable artifacts.

List of Requested badges:

  • Available Badge:

The artifacts associated with our research have been meticulously curated and are publicly accessible on FigShare archival repository. We provide a DOI/link to this repository, ensuring transparency and accessibility for the research community.

  • Reusable Badge:

Our artifacts are complete and exercisable. Each file is accompanied by thorough and well-organized documentation.


The dataset has been stored on FigShare, accessible via the provided link:



In addition to being available on the FigShare website, the data has been incorporated into this artifact within the “Data” folder. In this folder, you’ll find:

  • users_valid.csv: This file contains recorded data, capturing details such as time, accuracy, and relevant mechanism usage for every participant.
  • columns_guide.txt: Provides information on all the columns featured in the users_valid.csv file.
  • Experiment-setup-screenshot.png: A screenshot showcasing the study stimulus, which includes three code panes and the game displayed at the bottom."
  • raw_info: This file contains the raw information of the users retrieved from the database.