ICSE 2024
Fri 12 - Sun 21 April 2024 Lisbon, Portugal

Submission of Papers (Solutions)

Papers (solutions) must be submitted electronically through the ICSE 2024 Industry Challenge HotCRP submission site: https://icse24-industrychal.hotcrp.com/. All submissions must be in English.

For the solution submissions, authors are required to specify the title and the abstract of their papers, relevant research areas, the relevant challenge, and their conflict of interests. This information will be used to select qualified reviewers for each submission.

Formatting instructions are available at https://www.acm.org/publications/proceedings-template for both LaTeX and Word users. LaTeX users must use the provided acmart.cls and ACM-Reference-Format.bst without modification, enable the conference format in the preamble of the document (i.e., \documentclass[sigconf,review]{acmart}), and use the ACM reference format for the bibliography (i.e., \bibliographystyle{ACM-Reference-Format}). The review option adds line numbers, thereby allowing referees to refer to specific lines in their comments.

Submissions must not exceed 10 pages (5 to 10 pages are permitted, one additional page for the camera-ready version) for the main text, including all figures, tables, and appendices. Up to two additional pages containing ONLY references are permitted. All submissions must be anonymous and provide the requirements specified by the relevant challenge. Submissions that do not adhere to these limits or that violate the formatting guidelines will be desk-rejected without review.

The authors are strongly encouraged to use the HotCRP format checker on their submissions. Note that the format checker is not perfect. In particular, it can complain about small fonts in figures, footnotes, or references. As long as the main text follows the requested format, and the figures are readable, the paper will not be rejected for format violations. If you have any concerns, please contact the program chairs.


  1. Identification of Vulnerability Impact in Binary-Form C/C++ Third-Party Libraries

  2. Model Functions by Demand-driven and Summary-based Static Analysis

  3. Bridging Static and Dynamic Analysis for Memory Error Detection

  4. Identifying and Addressing Technical Debt in the Era of LLM

  5. Efficient Repair and Update of LLMs for SE Tasks

  6. Improving OSS Vulnerability Data Quality

  7. When Large Language Models Confront Repository-Level Automated Program Repair: How Well They Done?

Call for Challenges and Papers

The Industry Challenge Track is the premier venue for practitioners and researchers to present industry challenges in the software engineering domain, and their associated solutions. The community is expected to discuss insights, innovations, and solutions to software engineering challenges in practice.

Given that addressing software engineering challenges in the industry relies on excellent software engineering research, the Industry Challenge Track provides a unique forum for networking, exchanging ideas, fostering innovations, and forging long-term collaborations to address such challenges from the industry. It is expected to become a prestigious forum for researchers and practitioners to meet and present industry-relevant research results in software engineering.

The Industry Challenge Track will welcome participants and speakers from both academic and industrial sectors, drawing together researchers and practitioners for discussions on research directions to address existing challenges. The track will be composed of invited talks, challenge presentations, paper (for solutions) presentations, and interactive sessions, all with a strong focus on software engineering industry challenges. Please note that the Industry Challenge Track uses a double-anonymous submission policy. We indeed consider it essential for challenge providers, solution proposers, and the organizations involved to be known, in order for reviewers to fully understand the industrial relevance and context.

Key dates:

  • Submission of Challenges: Deadline 17 Oct 2023, AOE

    • Any tech organization or any company can present challenges. Challenges will be described in a 1-page free-text, and should include all relevant information (e.g., background, motivation, and details) and links to data (if possible) for researchers to attempt to address them.
    • Challenges will be reviewed and selected by the chairs on relevance, potential, comprehensiveness, etc.
  • Notification of List of Challenges: 28 Oct 2023, AOE

  • Submission of Solution Papers (insights, innovations, ideas, and potential solutions for the submitted challenges): Deadline 10 January 2024 AOE

  • Notification of Accepted Solution papers: 1 February 2024, AOE
    • Each paper is reviewed by outstanding members of our research community whose research has been proven relevant to the industry. The program committee will discuss accepted papers and provide awards to the distinguished papers and potential practical/feasible solutions.

    • Each award can amount up to 5,000 euros.

  • Present challenges and papers at ICSE 2024.

Submission of Challenges

Challenges must be submitted electronically through the ICSE 2024 challenge HotCRP submission site: https://icse2024-industrychallenge.hotcrp.com/. All submissions must be in English. For the challenge submissions, authors are required to specify their challenges with a concise title, the context or background of their challenges, relevant key technical challenges, and the expected technical requirements for solving the corresponding challenges. This information will be used to select qualified reviewers for each submission.