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ICSE 2023
Sun 14 - Sat 20 May 2023 Melbourne, Australia

Building and maintaining production-grade ML-enabled components is a complex endeavor that goes beyond the current approach of academic education, focused on the optimization of ML model performance in the lab. In this paper, we present a project-based learning approach to teaching MLOps, focused on the demonstration and experience with emerging practices and popular and open-source tools to automatize the construction of ML-enabled components. We examine the design of a course based on this approach, including laboratory sessions that cover the end-to-end ML component life cycle, from model building to production deployment. Moreover, we report on preliminary results from the first edition of the course. During the present year, an updated version of the same course is being delivered in two independent universities; the related learning outcomes will be evaluated to analyze the effectiveness of project-based learning for this specific subject.