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ICSE 2022
Sun 8 - Fri 27 May 2022


  • Distinguished Service Award: Valerie Issarny (National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology, France) “for significant contributions in service, mentorship, and influence to the SE community.”

  • Distinguished Education Award: Didar Zowghi (CSIRO’s Data61, Australia) “for outstanding contribution to software engineering education by her long-term efforts to increase diversity in the student body studying computer programming.”

  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Michael Jackson (Open University, UK) “for more than five decades of contribution to academic and industrial software engineering and its research, influencing generations of software engineers.”

  • Distinguished Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Leadership Award: Margaret Burnett (Oregon State University, USA) “for decades of work breaking glass ceilings for women in computing and SE.”

  • Rising Star Award: Baishakhi Ray (Columbia University, USA) “for innovative and high-quality research on software engineering and artificial intelligence, which has impacted both the academic and industrial communities.” and Sonia Haiduc (Florida State University, USA) “for innovative and influential research and professional leadership in the area of software maintenance and evolution.”

  • New Directions Award: Cristian Cadar (Imperial College London, UK) & Abhik Roychoudhury (National University of Singapore) “for their contributions to symbolic execution for test generation and program repair.”

Most Influential Paper from ICSE 2012

  • Abram Hindle, Earl T. Barr, Zhendong Su, Mark Gabel, Premkumar Devanbu, “On the Naturalness of Software”.

ICSE 2022 Best Artifact Awards

  • Learning Probabilistic Models for Static Analysis Alarms

    Hyunsu Kim (KAIST); Mukund Raghothaman (University of Southern California); Kihong Heo (KAIST)

  • Change Is the Only Constant: Dynamic Updates for Workflows

    Daniel Sokolowski (University of St. Gallen); Pascal Weisenburger (University of St.Gallen); Guido Salvaneschi (University of St. Gallen)

  • Static Stack-Preserving Intra-Procedural Slicing of WebAssembly Binaries

    Quentin (Stivenart); David Binkley (Loyola University Maryland); Coen De Roover (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

  • DrAsync: Identifying and Visualizing Anti-Patterns in Asynchronous JavaScript

    Alexi Turcotte and Michael D. Shah (Northeastern University); Mark W. Aldrich (Tufts University); Frank Tip (Northeastern University)

ICSE 2022 NIER-track Awards

  • Best reviewers: Shin Hwei Tan and Fabiano Dalpiaz

  • Best paper: Lina Ochoa, Thomas Degueule, Jean-Rémy Falleri, “BreakBot: Analyzing the Impact of Breaking Changes to Assist Library Evolution”.

ICSE 2022 SEIS-track Award

  • Best paper: Bianca Trinkenreich, Ricardo Britto, Marco Gerosa, Igor Steinmacher, “An Empirical Investigation on the Challenges Faced by Women in the Software Industry: A Case Study”.


  • Outstanding Research Award: Lionel Briand (University of Ottawa and University of Luxembourg) “for contributions in software testing, software quality assurance, and context-driven software engineering research, notably in exemplary collaborations with industry”.

  • Distinguished Service Award: Jo Atlee (University of Waterloo) “for sustained, outstanding service to the software engineering community and enabling a research environment in software engineering world-wide that is equitable, diverse and inclusive.”

  • Influential Educator Award: Miryung Kim (University of California, Los Angeles)” for outstanding achievements in undergraduate and graduate mentoring with an emphasis on research excellence in software engineering, diversity, and inclusion.”

  • Impact Paper Award: Using task context to improve programmer productivity by Mik Kirsten and Gail Murphy (published at FSE 2006) “for pioneering the concept of a task context, which has improved software practice and inspired new research.”

  • Early Career Researcher Award: Xin Xia (Huawei) “for contributions to AI and SE, mining software repositories, and empirical software engineering.”

  • Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award: Wing Lam (now George Mason University) for the PhD thesis “Detecting, Characterizing, and Taming Flaky Tests” (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, advised by Darko Marinov and Tao Xie).

IEEE Harlan Mills Award

  • Matthew Dwyer, for contributions to the specification and analysis of software.