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ICSE 2022
Dates and location to be announced

Call for Papers

The Student Mentoring Workshop (SMeW) at ICSE 2022 encourages and supports students who are entering the software engineering research community. The goal of the workshop is to attract students to research careers in software engineering, to demystify the graduate school experience, and to offer first-hand perspectives on graduate study from recent Ph.D. graduates, young scholars, and senior researchers. SMeW’s core mission is to foster the development of the next generation of researchers in our community — supporting undergraduates and master’s degree students who are applying to PhD programs, and early-career PhD students who are just beginning their studies. SMeW aims to foster an inclusive community, promoting diversity and increasing the participation of students who are members of underrepresented groups in computing.

The workshop program will focus on important skills for beginning researchers and will offer mentoring opportunities with senior researchers attending the conference, discussing the topics:

  • How to find a mentor and what to look for? What is the difference between mentorship and sponsorship?
  • How to network effectively at a conference? How to find your cohort? How to find a mentor and what to look for?
  • What communication skills are essential for a research career? To give a good presentation? A good poster session talk? To write an outstanding paper?
  • What are the new, emerging areas in software engineering research?
  • What are the differences between a research career in industry and in academia?
  • How did other software engineering researchers successfully navigate their training experiences?


The workshop program will be structured to encourage interaction and discussion. The program will include panel discussions, small group mentoring pods, and short presentations.

Given the continued global uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, travel restrictions, and safety concerns, we plan to organize both in-person activities at ICSE in Pittsburgh, and virtual activities, all during the week of May 21-29, 2022. We plan to finalize the schedule by January 2022.

How To Participate

All students who are interested in attending the workshop must submit an application, which will help us match students with mentors and ensure that we can provide sufficient space to have productive discussions. To help support students who are able to and would like to attend the workshop in person, we have funding set aside to defray travel costs, and also to cover the registration costs for ICSE. We will post this registration link by January 2022.

Questions and for more information

Please send any questions about the workshop directly to the SMeW organizers, at smew-icse2022@se.c.titech.ac.jp