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ICSE 2022
Sun 8 - Fri 27 May 2022
Tue 10 May 2022 04:00 - 04:15 at ICSE Demo room 1 - Software Testing 1 Chair(s): Jifeng Xuan

Bug reports are vital for software maintenance that allow users to inform developers of the problems encountered while using software. However, it is difficult for non-technical users to write clear descriptions about the bug occurrence. Therefore, more and more users begin to record the screen for reporting bugs as it is easy to be created and contains detailed procedures triggering the bug. But it is still tedious and time-consuming for developers to reproduce the bug due to the length and unclear actions within the recording. To overcome these issues, we propose GIFdroid, a light-weight approach to automatically replay the execution trace from visual bug reports. GIFdroid adopts image processing techniques to extract the keyframes from the recording, map them to states in GUI Transitions Graph, and generate the execution trace of those states to trigger the bug. Our automated experiments and user study demonstrate its accuracy, efficiency, and usefulness of the approach. Github Link: https://github.com/gifdroid/gifdroid. Video Link: https://youtu.be/G0Zytwpsabk. Appendix Link: https://sites.google.com/view/gifdroid-tool.

Tue 10 May

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04:00 - 05:00
Software Testing 1DEMO - Demonstrations at ICSE Demo room 1
Chair(s): Jifeng Xuan Wuhan University
GIFdroid: An Automated Light-weight Tool for Replaying Visual Bug Reports
DEMO - Demonstrations
Sidong Feng Monash University, Chunyang Chen Monash University
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TauLiM: Test Data Augmentation of LiDAR Point Cloud by Metamorphic Relation
DEMO - Demonstrations
Ju Lin Nanjing University, Jiawei Liu Nanjing University, Quanjun Zhang Nanjing University, Xufan Zhang Nanjing University, Chunrong Fang Nanjing University
ReGVD: Revisiting Graph Neural Networks for Vulnerability Detection
DEMO - Demonstrations
Van-Anh Nguyen VNU - University of Science, Vietnam, Dai Quoc Nguyen Oracle Labs, Australia, Van Nguyen Monash University, Australia, Trung Le Monash University, Australia, Quan Hung Tran Adobe Research, San Jose, CA, USA, Dinh Phung Monash University, Australia
Pre-print Media Attached
META: Multidimensional Evaluation of Testing Ability
DEMO - Demonstrations
Tianqi Zhou Nanjing University, Jiawei Liu Nanjing University, Yifan Wang Shenzhen Research Institute of Nanjing University, Zhenyu Chen Nanjing University

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Tue 10 May 2022 04:00 - 05:00 at ICSE Demo room 1 - Software Testing 1 Chair(s): Jifeng Xuan
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