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ICSE 2022
Sun 8 - Fri 27 May 2022
Wed 11 May 2022 03:15 - 03:30 at ICSE Demo room 2 - Tools and Environments 2 Chair(s): Junjie Wang

Natural Language (NL) programming, the concept of synthesizingcode from natural language inputs, has garnered growing interest among the software community in recent years. Unfortunately,current solutions in the space all suffer from the same problem,they require many labeled training examples due to their data-driven nature. To address this issue, this paper proposes an NLU-driven approach that forgoes the need for large numbers of labeled training examples. Inspired by how humans learn programming, this solution centers around Natural Language Understanding and draws on a novel graph-based mapping algorithm. The resulting NL programming framework, HISyn, uses no training examples, but gives synthesis accuracies comparable to data-driven methods trained on hundreds of samples. HISyn meanwhile demonstrates advantages in terms of interpretability, error diagnosis support,and cross-domain extensibility. To encourage adoption of HISyn among developers, the tool is made available as an extension for the Visual Studio Code IDE, thereby allowing users to easily submit inputs to HISyn and insert the generated code expressions into their active programs. A demo of the HISyn Extension can be found at https://youtu.be/KKOqJS24FNo.

Wed 11 May

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03:00 - 04:00
Tools and Environments 2DEMO - Demonstrations at ICSE Demo room 2
Chair(s): Junjie Wang Institute of Software at Chinese Academy of Sciences
M3triCity: Visualizing Evolving Software & Data Cities
DEMO - Demonstrations
Susanna Ardigò Universita della Svizzera Italiana, Switzerland, Csaba Nagy Software Institute - USI, Lugano, Roberto Minelli Software Institute - USI, Lugano, Michele Lanza Software Institute - USI, Lugano
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IDE Augmented with Human-Learning Inspired Natural Language Programming
DEMO - Demonstrations
Mitchell Young North Carolina State University, Zifan Nan North Carolina State University, USA, Xipeng Shen North Carolina State University; Facebook
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Asymob: a platform for measuring and clustering chatbots
DEMO - Demonstrations
José María López-Morales Autonomous University of Madrid, Pablo C Canizares Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain, Sara Perez-Soler Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Esther Guerra Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Juan de Lara Autonomous University of Madrid
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