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ASE 2022
Mon 26 September - Sat 1 October 2022 Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States

Call for Papers

The ASE’22 Industry Showcase track invites industry practitioners and researchers to submit high quality submissions of innovative solutions or challenging problems in the domain of automated software engineering.

The objective of this track is to promote a dialogue between industry practitioners and researchers at the forefront of software automation practices and academic researchers who work on the theoretical and practical foundations of automated software engineering. We specifically look for submissions on the critical challenges industry faces in automated software engineering, innovative solutions built to address these challenges and the lessons learnt from applying automated software engineering at scale.

This track seeks submissions in all areas of automated software engineering.

Accepted industry showcase papers will be published in the ASE 2022 proceedings.


We are seeking the following types of submissions, all of which must be written exclusively in English. All submissions must be in PDF format and conform, at time of submission, to the IEEE Conference Proceedings Formatting Guidelines (title in 24pt font and full text in 10pt type, LaTeX users must use \documentclass[10pt,conference]{IEEEtran} without including the compsoc or compsocconf option). Please submit your paper to the TBA.

Submissions should prioritize impact and realism over novelty. We expect that industry track publications focus on automation, report useful tools, success stories and experiences for applying automated software engineering theory and methodologies into practice, or highlight practical challenges. Submissions should ideally be evaluated on real-world, industrial data or compared to pre-existing industrial best practices.

Marketing or public relations material for tools or products is not solicited.

Short papers (5 pages): Each paper should describe an important industry-relevant problem and discuss how automated software engineering solutions have been applied to address it in an industrial context. Discussions on the innovation, cost savings and productivity improvements brought by the solution, and important lessons learned should also be discussed if appropriate. Papers submitted to this category must not exceed 5 pages (including figures and references).

Authors of accepted short papers will be invited to present their work. Accepted short papers will appear in the ASE 2022 proceedings.

Extended Abstracts (2 pages): The abstract must include the following: title; authors’ full names and affiliations; text; and any figures, tables, or diagrams. The abstract must discuss:

  • the problem;
  • the approach proposed by the authors; and
  • the key results.

Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to present their work as lightning talks. Each abstract will be published in the ASE 2022 proceedings.

Exhibition proposals (2 pages): The submission should include a poster and a 2-page extended abstract which summarizes similar content required for short papers.

The extended abstract of accepted posters will appear in the ASE 2022 proceedings.

Accepted Papers

After acceptance, the list of paper authors can not be changed under any circumstances and the list of authors on camera-ready papers must be identical to those on submitted papers. After acceptance paper titles can not be changed except by permission of the Track Chairs, and only then when referees recommended a change for clarity or accuracy with paper content.


All submissions will be reviewed by members of the ASE Industry Showcase Committee. Submissions must not have been previously published or concurrently submitted elsewhere. Submissions will be evaluated based on the practicality to industry, originality, significance of contributions, and quality of presentation and discussion to related work.

Submissions will not undergo double-blind reviews, i.e. it is not necessary for authors to hide their identities in their submissions.

Please note, that the author list can not be changed after a submission has been accepted for publication. The submission title may be changed after acceptance, however only with the permission of the track chairs and on recommendation of a submission’s referees.